Joseph Z. Starr, Writer


A guy who writes. Sometimes for money. Sometimes not. I also enjoy climbing up mountains and getting into freezing cold water. Not while I’m writing, you understand. That would be fool-hardy (and probably not very legible).


Sample Work

Academic Writing

You remember that exhibition, don’t you? With skinless, preserved dead bodies doing things like playing basketball or preparing a delicious (organic) six-course meal. Some friends and I wrote a book about it . Go figure, right? Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone: they paid us. Not a lot. But still cool.

Magazine Article

This is an attractive and impeccably designed magazine about Modern design in Denver by my friend William Logan. The article above profiles a furniture exhibition, but I’ve contributed several times, writing about famous designers, famous chairs, the favorite chairs of famous designers, and a space age “pod” to work in created by one famous designer so he wouldn’t have to work in a chair.

Brand Development

Here’s an advertisement for those humongous machines that dig those holes we build houses on top of. I’ve also written ads for banks, wealth management, property management, universities, and hospitals: worthy institutions all, but none with the visual moxie of an eight-ton earth mover. Click for my Brand Development Portfolio.

Children’s Book

Do you see how many mattresses this would-be Princess had to climb up before she could go to bed? Kind of ludicrous, don’t you think? But that’s the lengths a doting Queen mom will travel to ensure that her son marries well. This was a very cool project my wife and I co-wrote (and did the layout for). It’s part of a series by ASL Tales Press, which publishes re-tellings of classic stories with accompanying DVDs of American Sign Language performances.


Real Estate Writing

Architecture & Design

Fiction/Short Prose

Movement Culture

Alternative Health